“The drivers to move to the cloud are the same for all governments – to eliminate wasteful IT spending and deliver innovative services beneficial to citizens.”
– Dr. Steve Garnett

ECIM (European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility) is a flexible, cloud-based solution for public and private sector actors who seek innovative yet costeffective web services to address mobility related needs of their cities. The marketplace is a unique environment where service providers, data providers and developers can come together and engage in the co-design and co-creation of mobility applications for citizens. To service providers the solution offers an effective distribution channel as well as opportunities to enter new markets and expand their user base. Developers, for their part, benefit from easy access to common APIs of different mobility services.


ECIM technical solution facilitates the migration of web services to the cloud and provides a mechanism for aggregating them with a range of other services as well as data sets. Once a service has been migrated to the cloud a data plug-in is provided by the platform to allow any public authority, business or developer to interact directly with ECIM services. To end users, ECIM solution is provided in the form of applications based on HTML 5 front-end, which allows flexible access across the full range of mobile and static platforms.

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Because mobility is a high priority area for many cities and because it can easily find practical cross-border applications in the whole of Europe, ECIM uses mobility and parking as a validation scenario in each pilot city. These cities (Barcelona, Brussels and Issy-les-Moulineaux) all test a range of web services that were transferred to the platform through a Restful API. The results, experience and feedback from pilot cities will guide the final testing cycle, also known as The Proof of Concept, which is due to commence in February 2016 in Birmingham, UK.


Smart Mobility

SmartMobility is the initiative of ECIM that simplifies the integration and interoperability of different mobility related services, such as parking and payment, in a city. Today, a service provider, for example, a private off-street parking provider, can allow access to his parking locations and availability through an API using a custom format. SmartMobility Common APIs aim to harmonise such API formats to facilitate API usage by developers, on the one hand, and to offer mobility service providers opportunities for easier use of their services, on the other. Visit SmartMobility website to access common API documentation for parking, single sign-on and payment.

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