Brussels App Challenge

March 16th, 2016

Brussels App Challenge is now closed

Introducing ECIM

ECIM simplifies the integration and improves interoperability of different mobility related services, such as parking and payment.

With its flexible cloud platform ECIM aims to address integration challenges of mobility apps, including real-time public transport information, open access to timetables and booking and payment options for services such as parking, public transport, car rental and bike sharing, among others.

Built on a scalable architecture, the platform facilitates the migration of web services to the cloud and provides a mechanism for aggregating them with a range of other services and datasets. Once a service has been published to the ECIM Marketplace as a RESTful API, it is provided by the platform in a common API format to allow any business, public authority or developer to interact with it directly, combine it with other services available on the ECIM Marketplace, add a Single-Sign-On functionality and payment.


This experiment platform now calls you to submit your ideas and prepare your prototypes to exploit the potentials of the platform. Your challenge is to create user friendly multimodal apps that integrate different mobility services and provide a simplified payment process.

Link to ECIM Marketplace:

Participation requirements

To participate in the App Challenge all interested parties need to:

  • Address the challenge described above in a creative way and demonstrate the added value of the proposed solution for Brussels;
  • Make use of ECIM Web Services or data services provided as APIs on the ECIM Marketplace (;
  • Develop ideas into prototypes and upload their video pitch (e.g. to Youtube) or create a mockup (e.g. using, and send a short description of the idea and a link to the video/mockup to till 31st May 2016.
  • You can participate as an individual or as a team of up to three persons
  • Participation is not limited to Belgian residents

Process & evaluation

Consultations can be offered on demand, in Brussels, where participants can discuss their ideas with experts (attending a consultation is optional, but participants will take advantage of getting direct feedback).

In evaluating the proposals the judges will use the following criteria:

  1. Originality, creativity and innovativeness of the proposed solution;
  2. Use of the ECIM platform;
  3. Business idea, economic and financial sustainability;
  4. Technical and operational feasibility, based on the proposed development plan;
  5.   Social impact of the solution proposed;
  6. User Interface. Quality of the proposed user interface of the prototype or the mock-up.

At the End of May 2016  a panel of judges will convene to pick the winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) who will be rewarded with a 4000, 2000 and 1000 EUR cash prize each and an opportunity to validate their business ideas using the Living Lab methodology. In making their final decision the judges will pay particular attention to the level of innovative use of open data and ECIM services while solving Mobility challenges in Brussels. The three persons that comprise the evaluation panel are Wim De Kinderen, Thierry Caussin and Celine Vanderborght. Wim is currently employed within Brainport Development, the triple helix that makes up the Economic Developmnent Agency of the Eindhoven Region in the Netherlands. Thierry is the Head of Marketing & Operations at Mobile-for, a company specialising in digital solutions for parking, among other things. And Celine is a Smart City manger at the Brussels Capital Region.

The organisers reserve the right to extend the submission deadline, or cancel the App Challenge, including the award of prizes, in case of a low number of participation on the challenge. For more information about the challenge, please contact: and mention ‘Brussels App challenge’ in the subject.

Privacy and liability notice

App developers will retain the ownership of the intellectual property rights.

The organisers will share the contact details of App Challenge participants with the ECIM consortium. These details will be treated with strict confidentiality and may be used for communication purposes to improve the App Challenge and better organise similar events in the future.

The organizer reserves the right for any reason, modify, extend, shorten, suspend or cancel the appchallenge without notice, without its liability to that fact. No compensation for damages can be requested by participants.

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