Memorandum of Understanding between ECIM and OTN, SDI4Apps and FOODIE signed!

February 1st, 2016

After months of discussions ECIM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with OTN, SDI4APPs and FOODIE – three EU-funded projects that use data to advance innovation and promote decision-making process, among other things. Common to all projects are the three spatial themes – transport networkland use and points of interest – that together with related technologies for data management constitute the main pillars of MoU. In keeping with the spirit and letter of the document the signatories have agreed to undertake joint activities in the following areas:


  • Data modelling. Common data specifications that will be in line with existing standards and will respect the project’s specific requirements
  • Data search. Active search for additional open data sources that can be integrated
  • Data update. The projects will set up a working group on data update including data harmonisation
  • Data provision. The above mentioned working group will provide means for data access for the projects and other users through open and standardised application programming interfaces
  • Data promotion. The projects will collectively promote the datasets through various channels and networks to enhance their reuse


  • Source codes. Sharing open source codes in common repositories
  • Bug tracking system. Sharing tracking systems for reporting bugs
  • Cloud computing. Sharing capacities for large experimentation and testing

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